About Cheryl Rausch

Spiritual Medium & Artist

Cheryl Rausch is a psychic medium and visual artist who utilizes both her mediumship and creative abilities to connect with Spirit both in Heaven and on Earth. Cheryl founded Spirit Vision Studio with the purpose of giving a voice to the voiceless, most of all Spirit. Her mantra is always that Spirit is love, and love is the component that connects us all. Cheryl is also an art instructor, animal & nature conservation advocate, and champion for women’s empowerment with her ongoing online series called “Women of Substance.”

Cheryl is also a professional illustrator & photographer with two other great passions in her life: art and nature. Combining all three, mediumship, art and nature, has been her biggest goal throughout her art career, and it has provided Cheryl much creative inspiration over the years.

When Cheryl spots a visual that stirs her soul, such as the sweet and curious stares of formerly hidden baby squirrels or the personal anguish of a lone stranger, her goal is to visually capture that energy to the best of her abilities.

The result is a life-like quality to her work that reflects the character and quiet beauty of the subject, whether it be a portrait of a child who has passed, a photograph of a bird in flight catching food to feed her babies or connecting a wife with her husband who had tragically passed recently, Cheryl’s work always comes from an energetic connection.

Ultimately, her joy and satisfaction comes from the constant evolution of her style, and the never-ending quest to visually interpret the beauty and wonder she feels in our world.

Cheryl Rausch Spiritual Medium and Artist


If you have any questions about Cheryl's work or mission, reach out! She'd love to hear from you.