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It’s All About Energy

We are all created from the same source. Our life force, our energy force and our souls all come from the same source…some call it God, some call it spirit, some call it The Divine, but our being, our energy all starts from the same place.

We are all connected because we are all energy.

I connect with the energy all around me, and I use it in my business, in many forms.

I connect with energy when I create art, when I teach art and spiritual classes and when I communicate with individuals that are either living, or have passed on.

The connection comes from our souls. Our souls are connected to every other human, every animal, and every plant. Every organism is connected to every other organism. Because we are connected everything we say or do has a ripple effect on everything else in the universe…energy

Let’s look at water as an example: drop a pebble in a pond, the pebble is your thought or action, and the pond is the energy of life. Every pebble dropped has a ripple effect on everything else in the pond.

When our bodies perish, our souls, which are pure energy, live on.

Sometimes when a soul has lost its body it can desperately try to reconnect with their loved ones. Those lost souls find me and use me as a conduit to reach their loved ones.

I’m just going to say it…I see dead people. I’ve had this ability all my life.

And it is this ability that I utilize when working with my clients using art or mediumship, the one goal being that each soul (living or passed) finds healing and connection.

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